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More success in Uechi Ryu to end 2018 on a high.

Sensei Colin Martin achieves 2nd Dan

Sensei Alan Wilson achieves 1st Dan

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Bushido Easter convention week April 2018.

Some of the members of CNMAA attended the bushido Easter convention last week

 where they had a pink belt day to raise money for cancer research.

Tom Macdonald receives his 1st Dan Atemi-Jutsu.

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March 2018 at this academy.

Jon Roberts receives his 1st Kyu Atemi-Jutsu from Sensei Colin Martin (6th Dan Atemi-Jutsu).

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Feburary 2018 at this academy.

Chris Broadhurst receives his 2nd Kyu Atemi-Jutsu from Sensei Alan Wilson (3rd Dan Atemi-Jutsu).

Ian Gray receives his 4th Kyu Atemi-Jutsu from Sensei Lindsay Martin (3rd Dan Atemi-Jutsu).

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September 2017 at this academy.

Ian Gray receives his 5th Kyu Atemi-Jutsu from Sensei Lindsay Martin (3rd Dan Atemi-Jutsu).

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May 2017 at this academy.

Receiving their grading certificates from Sensei Colin Martin & Sensei Lindsay Martin.

Andrew Prince 3rd Kyu Atemi-Jutsu. Ian Gray 6th Kyu Atemi-Jutsu. Chris Broadhurst 3rd Kyu Atemi-Jutsu.

Jon Roberts 2nd Kyu Atemi-Jutsu. Steve Hobson 3rd Kyu Atemi-Jutsu.

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April 2017 at this academy.

Alan Wilson graded to 3rd Dan Atemi-Jutsu.

Bill Martin graded to 4th Dan Atemi-Jutsu.

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February 2017 at this academy.

Alan Wilson graded to 1st Dan Shotokan Karate

pictured with Sensei Colin Martin (3rd Dan Shotokan Karate)

and Sensei Lindsay Martin (2nd Dan Shotokan Karate).

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December 2016 at Blythe Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent.

Sensei Colin Martin is graded to 1st Dan Uechi-Ryu

by Sensei Jim Hulse (8th Dan Uechi-Ryu).

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National Bushido Groundwork Trophy 2016

Jujitsu groundwork competition

17/07/16 at this Academy.

A big thank you to all competitors and officials for making this years competition a great success.


Open competition

1st  Matthew Kellaway.

2nd Mark Thompson.

3rd Mark Avison.

Kyu grade competition

1st Chris Broadhurst.

2nd Jonathan Roberts.

3rd Andy Taylor.

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July 7th 2016 at this academy.

Sensei Colin Martin

resides over his 1,000th session

as Academy chief instructor.

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April 9th 2015 at the Bushido Zazen Easter course, Skegness.

Congratulations to Sensei Lindsay Martin

On being awarded her 3rd Dan Atemi-Jutsu

The examiners were;

Sensei J. Lawson 8th Dan Budo, Sensei C. Martin 6th Dan Atemi-jutsu

Sensei W. Martin 3rd Dan Atemi-jutsu, Sensei A. Wilson 2nd Dan Atemi-jutsu.

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25/04/13 at this Academy.

Sensei Colin Martin

 receives his 6th Dan Atemi Jutsu

 From Sensei Keith Hall 8th Dan Atemi-Jutsu

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